Beowulf’s Dinosaurs

Interesting. John is reading through some literature on “dragons” — which some theorize were medieval dinosaurs — of which there were sightings as late as the early 1600’s.

Of course, the question must be asked: Why haven’t we found matching bones in the area which can be dated appropriately? I want to avoid the common creationist idea that the fossils we have were actually pre-flood dinosaurs. While I do believe in the Creation (albeit as a crusty old-Earther), I’m not a big fan of creation “science,” which often takes the liberty of non-credible leaps of logic to be able to prove the young-earth premise at any cost.

Still, having just visited the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian, I’m fascinated by the possibility of dinosaurs (or dinosaur-like creatures) surviving as far as the Middle Ages. I wonder if any unbiased paleontological research can support it?

Wait. My brain suddenly decided to stop working. Creationism issues overload. Will eat now.