I stepped out in faith and prayed to God, not only for a job, but for a well-paying web design job to start on April 15. I asked for it in faith, but always in full submission to God’s will. I told Tiff not to worry about my employment, because on April 15, I would be starting my first day of work.

Today, the good Lord answered my prayers: to the letter. I never tire of saying it, but there is most definitely a God, and he always works for the good of those who love Him. Praise Him, people, I’m employed!

(For security, I can’t tell you exactly what kind of company it is. Let’s just say I’m helping a worthy nonprofit to infect truth. And as an added bonus, I’m learning PHP/MySQL. Yay!)

ADDENDUM: No, no, I’m not with Infect-Truth itself, I’m with a similar organization. But rest assured I will attempt to bring some of that visual flair and panache to the different sites on this network. In a valid, usable, and standards-compliant way, of course. :)