JesusJournal’s linking policies aren’t the problem.

Freedom to link [non-maliciously] is inherent to the nature of the web, even to or from sites which you may not agree with; so I don’t think this controversy is really a question of linking policies or permissions. Not to me, anyway.

Rather, the problem is this concept of’s attempting to bring order to the Christian “manifesto” or “association” to oversee Christian bloggers. It’s akin to butting in to moderate a conversation in which they were not originally taking part. The whole medium of blogging simply does not give itself to the kind of regulation that they want to establish, and the monolithic corporate ambience surrounding the outfit stands in sharp contrast to what personal publishing is supposed to be about.

So I don’t mind them linking me, any more than I would mind Americans for Purity linking to me. (Well, if bandwidth became an issue, I would start to mind.) But I will not submit to their manifestos or committees. This is the internet, not a local church or established Christian organization. Community in the blogosphere is different from community in real life worship, which in turn is significantly different from community in an institutionalized Christian ministry. Boardroom hierarchies and bureaucracies simply will not work for the world of blogging — Christian or otherwise. My advice to Mr. Hughes is to participate in the sphere on our level, with his own personal blog. Then he will be in more of a position to understand how interaction among bloggers works.

(Oh, and unsolicited bulk mail is the other part of the problem. That was annoying.)



  1. Bene Diction says:

    Shalom asked to be removed from a list. The list refuses to remove Shalom. And the reasons are stated in the email they requested Shalom post on her site. Is this legal?

    All other sites that have received similar kinds of emails where removed.

    Blog on!

  2. Ellen says:


    I agree with you that he should show that he “gets” us bloggers by blogging himself.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Your 404 message is a hoot.

    Ok. If I’m here I must have put the link in properly. Blog on!

  4. brianna says:

    Good advice, Brown Pau. Thank you :)

  5. Paulo says:

    Oh, wait, I haven’t been referring to them as “TSWMNBN.” Am I in trouble now?

  6. brianna says:

    Yes! Go to your room. :) Or, as we say at my Bible Study, go to your whale! (Think Jonah).

  7. Don Hughes says:

    I appreciate the positive comments here. We have changed our policy on unlinking. See “Links & Libel” at We did allow it, now we don’t.

    The Manifesto is a discussion starter, and I am happy it’s achieving that end. Agreement was never a requirement.

    The most facinating statement here is something I just came to realize myself… that no men have sought to unlink under our old policy. Remember, negative comments can be traced to a single blog and it spread through her friends.

    Keep in mind that only 6 people sought unlinking inlcuding Shalom. This is out of 411 on our list.

    We have aplogised for the alleged Spamming to those who wrote us. We do not think we Spammed, but fully accept we would use a different procedure if we were doing it again. Our mistake.

    Finally, what makes you think I don’t have a personal blog? Not true. I have my own way of dealing with privacy issues, but it is listed in the Christian Web Connection at

    Blessings to all!

  8. jen says:

    Only 6 people sought unlinking because most did not *KNOW* their links were on the site.

    (Small little detail that Don conveniently left out of the entry I wonder why…)

  9. Mean Dean says:

    huh … what ?

    … oops … I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention …

    … are we done yet?

  10. Dave King says:


    I still have not gotten my apology for the spam!

    What is alleged spaming? You took emails from web sites and sent them email they did not ask for, advertising your alleged service. That is spam.

    And you have not apologized to all the people who wrote, so please double check your facts before posting.