Telford Work on the Middle East

The cluttered desk of Telford Work yields one of the most lucid and concise Christian positions on the Middle East that I’ve read thus far:

Being faithful to our Lord and King is more than picking the right side in this contest. Prophecy is not punditry. Israelis and Palestinians alike will — should — find faithful Christian ministry unsatisfying, inasmuch as it refuses to accept the finality of either side’s narrative.

I believe that no dubious theological stand that favors a political side in this conflict, is tenable in the light of a Kingdom which transcends worldly borders and wars. We speak not of a kingdom which finds its home within any nation on this earth, but rather a Kingdom within our hearts, the overflow of which should be the spiritual fruit of our Savior’s Spirit, and not the support of bloody conquerors — on either side. And so our preaching should not focus on Israel as a sign of the Endtimes, nor should it be one of feel-good diplomatic syrup; but rather, as it always should be, the salvation of Christ to Jews and Gentiles, Arab, Israeli, whatever; open to all people by grace through faith.