“Admiral, if we were to go by the book…”

Internet Monk. Michael Spencer has written so much great stuff that I barely know where to start. His creationism essay is what originally attracted me, following a link from comments in I.T.I.N.A.S.D. on Genesis: 1, 2, 3. (Please note that the linked Josh, being a Lutheran incarnation of Maddox, may have a tendency to curse the air blue.)

Being a noncommittal old-earther myself, the 24-hour creation day was left behind me ages ago. But that doesn’t mean I look down on the faith of literal young-earthers, nor did I choose to denounce old-earthists when I was once a vapor-canopy-seeker. As with differences over speaking in tongues, liturgical worship, and baptismal methodology, I regard the creationism debate as one which pales before the joy of our salvation, assured in Christ alone. We can talk about it as brothers (and sisters) today, just as we will laugh over our past theological differences when we get to the Kingdom, sipping from goblets of ambrosia.

Bonus points to anyone who figures out the reference in this post’s title and its relevance to the topic.

Update: The Star Trek reference should be evident to any die-hard Wrath of Khan fan. Spock coded his message to Admiral Kirk using “hours seeming like days,” which I used as an allusion to the “days-as-ages” of Genesis 1. And of course, one of the movie’s pivotal plot elements was Project Genesis, the Instant-Creation device stolen by Khan. I will stop right there before I start sounding like a CBG.


  1. Josh S says:

    I think my tendency to curse the air blue is a little more than a hypothetical potentiality.

  2. Rod says:

    Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan. Scene where Kirk instucts Savik on how to remotely take over the Federatation ship which Khan has captured (I show I am not a Trekkie Fundamentalist in that I cannot recall the ship’s name).

    I too have become a fan of Mr. Spencer, although I prefer his rants about how ritualistic Evangelical worship has become, esp. with the aisle walking. I read with glee his diatribes about the Willow Creek movement – I am horrified by churches that large. They just seem……cold and faceless. Any proper church would start a new congregation when it reached 500. More than that is just greedy.

  3. Rod says:

    Now I have doubts. The Search for Spock. When Savik is being held hostage on the Genesis planet.