God and 9-11 Again

In the days following 9/11 terrorist attacks, I readily agreed with the general trend of thought that a good and loving God could not possibly be responsible for such horrible acts. (Yes, that also meant jumping on the “Bash-Falwell-Robertson” bandwagon.) I thought to myself that this is not God’s way of punishing America, but rather the natural progression of a world which exists separate from Him. My reasoning went that “people who have turned away from God need not be punished by Him; they do that all by themselves.”

Not a particularly sound theological outlook, I admit. Especially considering that our God is one who is in control, who has set things in place even before they happen. It’s not much of a step from there to arrive at the somewhat uncomfortable conclusion that, as with all human events, these terrorist attacks were not only allowed by God, but ultimately planned and caused by him.

That’s the point where you ask yourself, do you still trust our Lord? Perhaps you would answer no — if you were to rely solely on limited human wisdom. But myself, I am convicted that God is good. (Cue Don Moen: All the time!) And through eyes of faith, I continue to believe that God has a reason — a good reason — for all things he does. He is neither capricious nor cruel, and as the song goes, he is too wise to be mistaken, too good to be unkind. He loves all people with an infinite love, and will do what is best for the good of those who love him.

There are those who would call me a blind, foolish, childish sheep for this innocent outlook. So be it. Far better to receive God and his kingdom like a little child than to deny God’s existence simply because his plans and actions do not conform to human standards of how God should behave.

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