Christian Bloggers’ Manifesto?!

I had originally chalked up The Dane’s rant on “Christian blogs” to mild intellectual snobbery, but I’m now rethinking that after seeing later developments in the world of faith-based blogging. “Manifesto? Code of conduct?” Sorry, but I think that such a tact can only add to the veneer of mediocrity which faith-oriented forms of media have come to be associated with. Far better to form a community of mutual links than to artlessly throw manifestos at a crowd which will only dismiss you as ingenuous at best.

I certainly don’t want to antagonize our misguided but well-meaning brothers and sisters in Christ at Jesus Journal, but what do you all think of this; what causes this “visceral” response, as Bene Diction calls it? Is it because of the grasp of a potentially legalistic religious fist, or is it just indignance at the presumptuousness of this outsider and newcomer to the faith-based blogosphere? Josh Claybourn has links to more feedback. (Update: So does Bene Diction, eh?)

In any case, thanks, but no thanks, Jesus Journal. Please stop spamming me, and don’t try to arbitrate how I blog my faith.