Sunday Ctrl-R

Saturday night to Sunday morning was spent in the MA Digital lab, finishing the Laudomia Director piece for Interaction Design class. Compiling the projector was not the end of it, though; I had to conduct user testing sessions with five strangers — a task I accomplished the same night, by lurking about the building and ambushing other all-nighters like myself. Feedback was good, and I was able to apply the necessary revisions immediately afterward.

The hour being too late — too early? — for the light rail or subway, it seemed most prudent to plonk down on the couch to rest till dawn. I had originally intended to meet up with the MICA Koinonia group at 8am to try out worship at Central Presbyterian, but fatigue and urgency led me to the easier, gentler course of going home to freshen up, followed by worship at Old Otterbein Methodist. I did not regret it: the service was beautifully uplifting, a traditional liturgy with hymns and responsories, a heartfelt reading of Isaiah by the pastor, and an open communion which touched me to my heart with its poetically simple majesty.

Heading back to school, I stopped at Starbucks in Harborplace for a quick mocha. From upstairs, the view of the Inner Harbor was so breathtaking that I had to pause and pull out my pencam for a panoramic photo.

I believe in God. I believe that He knows how weary I am in the midst of these trials, and I believe that He gives Sundays like this so I may know that His hand does not always rest so heavily on His children. For that, I’m grateful to Him.

Refreshed in spirit, I’m back in the lab, working on my Natalie Bookchin research paper, due on Tuesday. I’m not quite sure how I could possibly survive the next three days, but I know He will carry me through. My part is to keep my eyes fixed on Him, always.


  1. Rod says:

    How wonderful the Common Lectionary is! How awe-ful to know that in churches around the world, we hear the same words on the same days and ponder the same questions. I did the reading from Isaiah this morning, probably at the same time you were hearing them in Baltimore.

  2. Hang in there, Paulo. I felt like that in early October – how was I going to get through two months of almost non-stop travel, research, delivering of papers, working to deadlines? – but I miraculously survived! (Just so you know, that was Less-Than-Sparklingly- Delightful-Due-To-Exhaustion Gideon who had lemon Meringue with you in Baltimore!) And so will you survive the next three days. Courage!

  3. And that IS a beautiful harbor view!