Some words from Mr. Hughes

I’ve just returned from an excellent Brazilian dinner with a friend from church. (Thanks, Rod!) Rich, rich stuff, that Feijoada.

Thank you, Mr. Hughes, for the response in my comments. I must admit that part of the blame for the unpleasantness must fall on the shoulders of the blogosphere’s own reactionary cliquishness, and I apologize to all my brothers and sisters if at any point I fed it — or fed upon it. I hope that any nastiness on either side that may have arisen from this JesusJournal issue is water under the bridge, and though I still share misgivings with other Christian journalers about certain responses, I pray we can all try to get along from here on.

Later: Ouch. Bene D seems mad, and after a little more reading I can see why. Personally, I’ve decided the problem is a bit below my threshold of notice from here on out. Anyway, the links aren’t even generating any traffic, occasional targeted spam can be deleted without reading, the idea of a “Christian Blog Manifesto” has been beaten to a grisly pulp, and I haven’t emailed the guy, so I don’t need to deal with acrid responses from him. Therefore, I stand by my declaration of closure.