Real Lincoln?

A few weeks ago, I opened up a carton of Country Hen eggs and found, nestled atop the half-dozen browns, a slip of paper greeting me Happy New Year from the folks at Country Hen. On the reverse side of the paper was a small passage:

“President Lincoln, according to his biographer, Carl Sandburg, was a godly man and very familiar with the Bible. He owned a ‘Devotional’ which he apparently read each day. The passage on the opposite page is a reading for the 19th of January:

“Forbit it, Lord, that we

who from thy hands receive

the Spirit’s power to make us free,

should e’er that Spirit grieve.

“O keep our faith alive,

Help us to watch and pray;

Lest by our carelesness we drive

The sacred Guest away.”

Imagine my bemusement, then, at reading Jamey Bennett’s Hail Lincoln, Full of Grace this morning on Razormouth.

So which shall I believe? I don’t know. I’ll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.