Given to me the day I was born

I’m a bit amused at how those NARAL Pro-Choice TV commercials are very careful to say, “It’s my body, given to me the day I was born.” Yup. Before that, it wasn’t really a body or a person, was it? Just an extraneous parasitic organ that could be excised like an appendix. (Answer here.)

The thought was weighing on my mind because I passed by the Planned Parenthood clinic last week, and a group of Catholic pro-life activists were gathered in front, praying the rosary, with plastic fetuses in their hands. They handed me a plastic rosary and a bunch of “How to Pray the Rosary” and Pro-Life pamphlets. I declined the Marian paraphernalia, of course, but happily took hold of the Pro-Life material.

Via the link from the previous post, here’s more Pro-Life material.

Okay… homosexuality, abortion… what other controversies can we stir up this early morning…


  1. Emily says:

    I am adopted and I am so very glad that my mother decided to give me life even though I was not “convenient” -she was in the middle of college, nor could she care for me the way she would have liked -she was not married, nor was she going to marry my father. She CHOSE my adoptive parents. It took a brave, determined, and selfless woman to give up her child in order to let it have a productive and happy life. Coming from one who was “given away” it does not feel like that. I adore my birth-mother and respect her beyond words can express. I would counsel anyone to consider adoption as an alternative to abortion.