Reformed Baptist?

Okay… I have a strong Calvinist streak, and I believe in predestination, but I’m not certain I can really call myself a Calvinist. I have no problems with liturgical worship, and I’m equally comfortable with psalms, hymns, and/or praise choruses. I’m slowly being weaned away from mainstream dispensational eschatology, but I’m not quite keen on embracing an amillenialist or postmillenialist mindset. I’m not sold on covenantal paedobaptism, so I still continue to regard full immersion baptism for the professing believer as the biblical standard. I am moderately anti-Papist, but I believe the Catholic Church just needs a few major theological and ecclesiastical reforms to become a proper Christian institution again. I attend at a Fundamental Baptist church, but I do not accept the “Trail of Blood.” I don’t speak in tongues, nor do I laugh, roar, or bark. ;)

Does that mean I’ve turned into a Reformed Baptist?

Christian denominationalism. Sometimes it makes me laugh.

(And sa-ad mo-ovies… always make me cry-y…)