God and 9-11

Is World War III just around the corner? It’s hard to tell right now, but the fact that all born-again Christians haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth yet can mean only one of two things: (1) this isn’t it just yet, or (2) the “Left Behind” Rapture pretribulationists are wrong. (So go hoot in triumph, you Reformed amillenialists! :) In any case, regardless of whether Rapture theology is scripturally sound or not, it is important to remember: our place will always be to stand firm and hold fast to our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

If there is no God, why does it matter?

It’s hard to understand, isn’t it, Sharon? How could a good Lord let such a tragic disaster happen? Why would a loving God allow so many innocent people to die so horribly? Such questions arise from even the most devoted believer’s heart in the face of these catastrophes, and I cannot reconcile myself to Falwell’s and Robertson’s unconscionable stand that this is simply divine punishment for the decadence and immorality of modern American culture. Neither I nor any Christian can pretend to have airtight answers to explain the amount of suffering and death that God permits. Undoubtedly that Bible verse I’ve posted in my blog menu may ring hollow in the minds and hearts of those who have lost someone dear in the terrorist attacks.

And yet, I refuse to see God and his love as a mere placebo for “dumb sheep Christians,” as others have called us. I will continue to have faith that he is working towards a wonderful, glorious end for the good of those who love him; not because the statement gives me comfort, and not because I cannot come to terms with the pain and strife of this fallen world; but because it is what our Lord has promised through his Son, Jesus Christ. His words are set in the trustworthy text of Scripture, and his guarantee dwells within us as his Sprit. I will hold to the trust that our Utimate Author is too good to be unkind, and too wise to be mistaken, and what he has promised, he will do.

Many call me an irrational fool for continuing to believe in His promise. So be it, but I will still hold to that faith, because I am confident that even our Lord’s foolishness is still greater than the greatest wisdom of mere men. And as the clouds of a possible World War gather on the horizon, I pray that his grace be with us all. We will need it more than anything else.