Immersed Today.

Today I’m getting baptized at Berean Bible Baptist, the church I’ve been attending with my girlfriend and her family. I had been baptized some years ago in our previous church at GCF, but that’s not officially recognized by this establishment (y’know, bein’ B’ah’ble Baptist and all), so I’m going through this as a formality, if you will.

Yes, full immersion. I’m not such a stickler for full immersion as most Baptists usually are, but then, I’m not going to raise a dispute standing waist-deep in the pool at the front of the sanctuary. Just let them dunk me, and I’m a member. There we go.

I’ll be in swimming trunks. ;) No one will know, since there’s a private dressing room for baptizees, and we leave and re-enter it in our baptism robes, but under the robe, I’ll be in wildly-colored Hawaiian trunks completely inappropriate for such a solemn occasion. Heh heh.

Having read my share of Reformed literature (thanks to all you Presblogterians :) I do have several concerns regarding specific Baptist foibles, but I’ve spoken with the pastor (he’s American, by the way) concerning this, and he’s okay, so long as these can be discussed in a sensitive, non-contentious manner. I’ll post my theological issues some other time for everyone to discuss.

Then, after morning service, I’m going to a friend’s wedding at Clark, the former US military base to the North, now a Special Economic Zone / Desolate Wasteland.

Two sacraments in one day? Yes, it is possible. I’ll have photos.


  1. wayne says:

    Hey, I just now realized that your church is in the same fellowship of churches that my old church was in — the Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Small world!

  2. Jonathan W says:

    Hey! So here is your site. I remember stumbling across it a few months ago and then you left me a “comment” on my blog. It took me a while to hunt this down again! Congradulation on the baptism.

  3. Paulo says:

    Thanks, Jonathan! What’s your URL again?

    Wayne – If BBFI’s doctrinal stands are anything like our pastor’s — and he’s lenient on them, fortunately — then I can see why you left to become Reformed! LOL

  4. Jonathan W. says:

    There you go…

  5. fake bereans says:

    That’s what I call fake baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paulo says:

    Observe, fellow Christians, the actions of the sorianis manalosis, known in the vernacular as the “Philippine Cultist.”

    Note the overuse of exclamation points, causing his comment to develop unsightly blocks of empty space from text justification. Note also the lack of etiquette, inability to provide any real theological dissent, and the fear of a real name, email address, or URL.

    Should you see a member (“kaanib”) of this species in the wild, proceed with extreme caution. Boorish behavior on theological issues is a norm. Instructional texts for handling include Galatians 5.19 and 2 Peter 2.