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Our Elantra was sadly totaled last month in an accident on Fairfax County Parkway, but fortunately the insurance settlement was enough to pay for most of a new car: a 2014 Ford Fiesta SE sedan.

Natural History Sunday

Spent Sunday afternoon after church browsing through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Did you know the Fénykövi Elephant in the museum rotunda is affectionately known as “Henry?” And the Morganucodon is named “Morgie.” Technological artifacts reveal themselves in the Gems and Minerals galleries: interactive touchscreen kiosks from the 1990s with old Apple Computer and […]

Capitol Sunset

It was one of those perfect “golden hour” moments; the setting sun shining through a hole in the clouds on the shortest day of the year, just as we were walking by the West side of the Capitol to get to the Metro. I got the picture, and mere minutes later, the tawny glow was […]

Companion Kittens at One

As of October 1st, our kittens Martha and Amelia are one year old, and are now officially cats. Big cats! Compare the two of them between March and September: And on October 1st: To celebrate the occasion I have taken every Vine video I’ve recorded of them since their adoption in January, and combined all […]

Sunday Recap

Sunday was bright and warm. At church in the morning we heard a message from Reverend Paula Dempsey of the Alliance of Baptists and sang an Emma Lou Diemer gradual. After a Thai lunch we walked down through DC to the National Gallery, stopping by the White House and the Renwick Gallery en route.

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy was an epic storm: a tropical cyclone interacting with a strong Northeaster, a kinked jet stream, warm Atlantic waters, and a full moon, all combining into a massive tropical — and later post-tropical — cyclone that veered west from the Atlantic into the East Coast, hitting the northeast US hard with strong wind, heavy […]

My NASA 3D Glasses

Amy recently had an art project where she had to draw an object provided by a friend, with the story behind the object. I volunteered the 3D glasses I’d gotten at the NASA Tweetup for Juno. Here’s the drawing and the story.

Little Earthquakes

This August 23rd marked one year since the Virginia earthquake of 2011. It wasn’t a huge earthquake compared to others I’d been in, but for this area it was practically historic.

Year Ten

This comes a bit late, but March 30th marked ten years since The Jump, when I moved to the US from the Philippines in 2002. I visited National Airport the week of that anniversary to take a few photos, to remember.

2010 in Review

In 2010 I revived my site and said I was back. After a few cursory entries I slacked off on writing once again, partly due to alternating work-craziness and social media-driven distractibility, and partly because of Star Trek Online and Minecraft. To compensate for the deficit I’ve been backdating new retrospective journal entries. In fact, […]