Apple TV Update

(In case this post accidentally gets first page placement in search results: Here is how to update your Apple TV.)

We’ve been on the same refurbished 2nd-gen Apple TV since 2013 but I figured it was time to upgrade when the old YouTube app said it was about to stop working.

Apple TV (2nd gen) YouTube app deactivation notice

A funny thing happened when I ordered a refurbished Apple TV HD (I really didn’t need the latest 4K version and our non-smart TV is just a 1080 anyway): after it arrived I plugged it in and set it up–and was greeted by a notice that this Apple TV was a “supervised device” from Resignation Media LLC, parent company of The Chive, among other things. They hadn’t properly reset the unit before sending it back in, and Apple’s refurb department hadn’t properly checked it before sending it back out for sale.

Refurb Apple TV issue

Simple factory reset did not clear the corporate supervision lock, so I called Apple tech support to ask if there was a way to remove it remotely from their end. Support rep told me I’d have to take it in to a physical Apple store to properly reset the Apple TV.

“Can’t really take it to the store right now. COVID.”
“Okay, sir. Can you wait till after COVID?”

Ultimately I just did a simple mail-in return and reordered another refurb Apple TV HD, which arrived quickly and worked properly out of the box. There’s been a bit of an adjustment period as I get used to the new UI, swipey Siri remote, and actually being able to install apps from an app store.

Unboxing refurb Apple TV HD (4th gen) Working Apple TV

(lol, lmao “after COVID,” like this is ever going to end)