Thirty.jpg Here is a mobile self-portrait of me on the Metro. I’m thirty years old today, and I celebrated this morning with a giant breakfast of sausages and eggs and hash browns and toast and coffee at the Billy Goat, followed by a trip to the DC DMV to get my ID renewed. I’ve cooked up a nice big pot of adobo, and tonight Amy and I are going to dine on it with some rice and broccoli and lemon-cilantro tomato (a suitable substitute in the absence of green mangoes and bagoong) while watching campy classic Star Trek episodes from my TOS DVD set. It’s cold now; a front passing through last night dropped temperatures from the 70s down to the 40s, with freeze warnings tonight, and snow up in Chicago and Buffalo. Perfect weather for adobo and arroz caldo and curling up in bed with a warm cat.

Gifts received so far: ESV Reformation Study Bible from Amy. Firefly and Ultimate Manilow from Martin. This list will be updated as further loot rolls in. If you have not given me a birthday present and wish to assuage your guilt at this grievous omission, press this button: