Solar Eclipse of June 2021

The June 10, 2021 solar eclipse was annular elsewhere, but just partial for us in Halifax, with about 70% of the sun covered at maximum eclipse.

Partial Solar Eclipse, 10 June 2021

I set up in the backyard just after sunrise with my NEX3N and SEL55210 telephoto lens plus black polymer solar filter taped over a lens hood (same as I used for the total solar eclipse of 2017), taking shots intermittently over a couple of hours as the moon glided in front of the rising sun. Then I cropped and sun-aligned the best shots, and arranged them in a nice linear sequence:

Partial Eclipse 2021 Linear Sequence

Also in animated GIF format, which really showed the motion of the moon across the sun’s face (though I fiddled too much with aperture and shutter speed through the course of the morning, and didn’t take captures at regular intervals, hence the variable speed and brightness).

Solar eclipse animation showing a cool dark orb crossing in front of a bright warm orb

More in my Eclipse 2021 photo album, and of course I’ll always remember the 2017 total solar eclipse.