Photo Retrospective: Baltimore (plus bad poetry)

Oh Baltimore, sweet Baltimore!
My home for a year, oh Baltimore!
For my future and life, in you I put stock,
On my first night there, I stumbled into The Block.*

howard street bridgeindustriometry20021027mica1Salted Light Rail Ramp

Little Italy was home, an artist’s townhouse that leaked
In winter it froze, in summer it reeked.
Yet it had cats, and a lovely neighborhood:
Inner Harbor was there, and also Whole Foods.

lichurchlihousebaltroomJasper at the WindowLovely Sunset Sky Over Little Italy

New friends and new hopes, in new churches to meet:
Sailors Union, Govans, FCF, Lee Street,
Central, Chesapeake, Old Otterbein, and more,
In historic and richly diverse Baltimore!

Around Mount Vernon SquareOld Otterbein UMCFirst and Franklin PresbyterianSet404_01Set404_03

Barukatash, Wyclif, Gideon, Kyriosity,

McKenzie, Garver, Bergey, Steven, Riptiki,

Tag, Steph, AManne, Sad Eyed Artist, Dear_Mo,

And if I’ve forgotten anyone, sorry, but yo!


I’m sorry, dear Baltimore, The City That Reads,
I’d have stayed a bit longer but I didn’t  BELIEVE 
It’s not that your pull and your Charm weren’t strong;
It’s just that the commute to DC was too long.

Set384_01Dark Subway20021119Boarded Upsnow07

To you I came, oh Baltimore, bright-eyed but doleful,
Sad and lonely and burdened with a broken heart,
From you I left, love renewed and hopeful,
And with a degree in Digital Art.

“Oh Baltimore!”
A Really Bad Poem by Paulo

Full photosets: Baltimore Memories, MICA Memories, Lee Memorial Park, President’s Day Snowstorm, Historic Ships, Shot Tower.

* I stumbled into the Block looking for a good cheese steak, not cheap prostitutes. If I’d known about that area of town I wouldn’t have gone near it. Fortunately I left with my virginity and wallet intact.