2017 in Review

While 2017 was a dark and worrying time for the country, we had some bright spots:

Our son continued to level up his stats: turning one year old, getting dedicated, having his first haircut, and learning to walk, talk, and long-press to get Siri on iOS devices.

Ezra at 18 months

Visited Toronto (with a side trip to Niagara Falls).

View of Toronto from Centre Island

Watched a total solar eclipse in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Eclipse 2017 Single LE HDR Exposure

One high-profile death that hit hard: Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan, who on a trip to the Philippines once said of 7th grade me, “this kid’s done his homework.” Still doing it, Captain.


Best selfie of the year: my first pair of glasses. Now we enter 2018: the year of SeaQuest DSV.