Baby Ezra Update: 10 Months

At 10 months of age, Ezra has mastered the arts of the commando crawl, multi-syllable babbling, and eating various pureed and soft foods.

He can understand a simple “yes” or “no”, identify a cat (“GAH”), and operate a light switch. He can sit upright independently, and even pull himself up to a standing position and maintain it with support.

He’s a smart and cheerful baby but not too fond of crib napping, prone to occasional bouts of separation anxiety and squirmy struggling. Still, he generally sleeps through the night, which is the greatest baby blessing of all. Sometimes he’s a little joker and given a sheet or a shirt, likes to play peek-a-boo back at us. He’s got all four front teeth now.

Baby Ezra, 10 months

In other words, he’s a mostly normal 10 month old baby. Except Ezra is extra cute.