Tunnels and Trains

One nice perk of new job: access to the system of tunnels under the US Capitol. Hours are limited when House and Senate are recessed, but if I get out early enough it’s still a good way to get to Union Station when weather is less than optimal for a walk outside.

Tunnel, Capitol to Cannon House Office Building

Cannon House Office Tunnel is lined with art from constituents in every Congressperson’s district, and connects to the Capitol Basement. Down there I still keep getting lost in a maze of nondescript and very un-Capitol-like passages while trying to get to here:

Senate Subway, Capitol to Russell Senate Office Building

…the Senate Subway that connects the Capitol to the Senate Office Buildings. There are also walkways between the tracks; at least once walking has been faster than waiting for the train cars.

After a long walk through a brick basement hallway under the Russell Senate Office Building, I emerge right near Union Station.

Washington DC Union Station

Of course, if we still lived in our old apartment on E St NW I’d be practically home by now, but today there’s one more train to ride.

Washington DC Union Station

And miles to go before I sleep.

(If short VRE commuter train rides recorded with a GoPro are your thing, I’ve been collecting them in this Trains Playlist.)