Thanksgiving 2019

We had a great Thanksgiving…back in October! Canadian Thanksgiving was October 14th — I assume because harvest celebrations came earlier in the colder North. Amy picked up a Butterball turkey breast (not a whole one, that would’ve been a bit much for us) with stuffing and cranberry sauce and other fixings, and we had a nice little Thanksgiving dinner. (Yes, I had my turkey with rice.)

Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

Regular work day for US Thanksgiving (Yanksgiving as some call it up here) so I made a Street Fighter M. Bison-derived meme to celebrate.

For you the day Thanksgiving graced your country was the most important day of your life, but for me, it was Thursday.

Forecast for the day was light rain; instead we got a few inches of snow that tied up the streets all afternoon and evening. Dashcam video of my very careful drive home: