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Sidebar LifeStream Change

Until recently I was using a Friendfeed embedded badge for my Lifestream (a peripheral sidebar content freshener) but from March 8th onwards my Friendfeed stream simply stopped updating from any services or feeds. I don’t understand it, as other Friendfeed accounts still seem to be updating, but considering how support and innovation on the site […]

Twitter Archive

My Twitter archive How to download your Twitter archive About a year after I complained about Twitter’s lack of archiving, they implemented a kind of backup solution involving a zipped tweet archive. The Twitter archive is a bit of a headscratcher. It’s a searchable offline snapshot of tweets stored in JSON files organized into a […]

New Twitter, First Tweet

I’m not a big fan of #newtwitter, partly because I don’t like client-side-scripting-heavy content delivery interfaces with hashbang URLs, and partly because the redesign still fails to address a long-standing problem with archiving. Old tweets are still not organized in any kind of list or dated format; there aren’t even next/previous buttons on individual tweets. […]

Hello world!

Good news, everyone: How Now Brownpau has returned. It’s been a while. I had succumbed to a double-fault state of distractibility and near-burnout, collecting ideas and content but settling for posting bits and pieces on Twitter and Tumblr while my personal web space languished and my ambitions for longer-form posts withered on the vine. Finally […]

Feed Flood Warning

Your Attention, Please! This site’s RSS feed is currently on OMG SUPER FLOOD WATCH WARNING ALERT LEVEL TWO BILLION as I am about to click the “Move Feeds” button on, and commence any number of feed-maintenance activities. This may cause downtime, or it may cause everything to suddenly be marked unread, or it may […]

how now @brownpau

Update, April 2: Okay, those of you who hate stupid April Fools Day web pranks can come out now; the Skittles Twitter Search plus MormonJesusRoll gimmick is over. I’ll do an actual redesign sometime soon; CSS Naked Day 2009 is right around the corner, after all. You may have noticed that How Now Brownpau has […]

Feed Changes

As promised before, I have aggregated my relevant content from various sites to one Feedburner feed to rule them all, and redirected the old feed URL to that. Apologies to anyone who suddenly got hundreds of new items from my site feed because of the redirect. I failed to consider that every entry from the […]

Site Changes

Notice anything different? I’ve moved the site over to Axishost, upgraded to Movable Type Open Source (the latest version, 4.21, up from 3.36), and redesigned stuff. Inside pages, which were already pretty minimal to begin with, are now even more simplified, with extraneous lines removed and titles devolved into breadcrumb blocks. I’ve also adjusted my […]

Stuff That Needs Doing

Get off this default template and restore randomizing layouts. Redirect current feed URLs to FeedBurner. Get an underscores-to-hyphens RewriteRule into .htaccess. Restyle inside pages. Make a Page Entry Index template. Make a new 404 page. Go back to single-column weblog sidebar. Redo blogroll as parsed Google Reader OPML subscription list. Install Action Streams, consolidated into […]

I just finished installing Movable Type 4!

I’ve finally migrated the site to a new web host and upgraded to Movable Type Open Source 4.21. I’ve always intended this next server move to be the impetus for a reboot of the site, and I’m very much a start-from-scratch kind of person, so things will be very raw and bare-bones and default-y for […]