1. In Jan 2002, mistakenly placed the location of Hei Chin Rou Restaurant at the corner of Pasay Road and Amorsolo, near the San Lorenzo Gate, and acknowledged (in the now defunct comments section of that post) the demolition of said restaurant from that location. In actuality, Hei Chin Rou did not close down, but simply moved to a neighboring building. The new Hei Chin Rou is still open on Pasay Road, not far from its original location.

2. In Feb 2002, rather ignorantly perceived the Zwinglian interpretation of the Lord’s Supper as representing the majority of Evangelical Protestantism’s view of the sacrament, to be corrected in the Comments section of that post by a faithful reader. has since undertaken some research, and as a result, has converted to a Calvinist view of the Eucharist.

3. Also in Feb 2002, mistakenly directed enthusiasts of the Philippine Historical Diorama Exhibit to the Stock Exchange Building on Ayala Ave, quite ignoring the numerous banners in Park Square and Glorietta, announcing the new location of the dioramas at the 3rd level of Glorietta 2. The dioramas can indeed be viewed at the latter location, while a minor extension of the museum with various other works is available at the former. regrets these weblogging errors, and apologizes for any confusion, death, injury, or apostate heresy that may have been caused by their having been posted.