Whew. The old folly has been rectified, and the photolog is now officially back to the state I left it in as of March 2003 (when I got lazy, then forgot to dump the DB info with its stupid naming convention while reinstalling MT). Over the last few weeks, I’ve been painstakingly rebuilding the log from scratch, picture by picture, and I finished the last picture at midnight last night. So I present you with BPBP. (Update, 07/04: BPBP has been dissolved and integrated into the main flow.)

Next step: a buffer of about seventy Zire photos to add and caption. Then some daily archives. Then the mobile part. And comments. And thumbnails. And fixing old links to now-dead photolog archive pages. Much yet.

I’ve also got a little cronjob getting my links every 13th minute of the hour, and feeding them to the sidebar. So now I have what could probably be termed a “sideblog.” (Who would have thought that using crontab to run PHP scripts would be so nonintuitive? lynx -dump?!)