A hard disk crash took out the site two nights ago. The backups that were used to restore everything were three days old — and did not catch the mySQL db. I have a week-old dump of the db, and this copy of the blog.html include, so not all is lost. But right now, I need time. Time to focus on work, time to work on my relationship with *******, time to reinstall MovableType and get Trackback running, time to redesign my portfolio, time to tweak my interface. For now, a break.

UPDATE: I’ve reinstalled MT, restored the MySQL db from the old dump, and manually entered lost entries up to 12 July from cached files. Many comments, however, were regrettably lost, and I’m pretty sure there are other troublesome bugs lurking in the grass. For now, go sponsor The Dane or post to Christdot or Poke a Bunny or Amazoogle or something.