“ñ” and Stink Factor

Thanks, Bam! The reason my XML-RSS feed was messing up was because of all the “ñ” characters. I’ve replaced them all with “ñ” thanks to MT’s trusty search and replace function. As you can see, I still have much to learn about XML, XHTML, and the special characters they hate so much.

On to other things. Earlier on, Raffy blogged the Cinnamon Challenge at MichaelBuffington.com. Now, courtesy of the same guy, we have Stink Factor, with additional challenges to spice up your day.

Mr. Buffington, if you’re reading this, I invite your staff at Stink Factor to two traditional Filipino challenges: (1) Drink a small cup of white vinegar (“Datu Puti” brand, if possible) without making a face, and (2) siling labuyo. `Nuff said.


  1. Raffy says:

    Ain’t it cool? I found the stinkfactor link through ekosm.com and have already contemplated the horsh radish torture fun fun. But since I really don’t like spicy food I’ve decided to beg off from the embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh gee, did I say “horsh”? I meant “harsh”.

    Hwehehe. Another corny joke bites the dust.