New Webcam Page

The original webcam page had a single still image uploaded every minute from the Unibrain Fire-I, my primary webcam on the iBook. I recently purchased a Philips SPC200N as a backup plugged into my Windows PC, to keep an eye on the cat when I’m out with the iBook. For a time, each cam would upload its own separate image, so there were two captured images on the webcam page, refreshing every 30 seconds, usually showing two different locations in or around my room. Then I signed up with Stickam, and added a remote live player with a chatroom to the mix. (PC cam only, as the Stickam player is incompatible with the Fire-I.)

Two images every 30 seconds with a separate live player was getting to be overkill, and you can’t have the PC cam app running with the Stickam flash app at the same time anyway, so I pared down the features a bit. Now it’s got just one still image refreshing every 60 seconds, uploaded from whichever webcam is on at the moment, plus the Stickam player.

At the moment the iBook cam is catching a time lapse of my african violets, while the the PC cam is showing live video of Pandora on the bed. Enjoy. It’s exciting stuff.