Relocation to Miscellaneous

In the early days of web building, it was considered good practice to offer your visitors free downloads like branded screensavers and desktops, to build recognition and make your site more “sticky.” That was the rationale behind the download section in my earlier sites. These days, however, such software gimmickry is better relegated to the background in favor of more compelling content — such as that provided by, oh, perhaps, a weblog.

My downloads, however, continue to attract no small number of hits from old directory listings, and as such deserve to remain somewhere on my site. Hence, I have moved the link to the download page, with its old-fashioned desktop tiles and Win9x splash screens, off the front page and into the Miscellaneous section.

(Also moved to Miscellaneous: archives of and the Prepaid Cards Blog. And of course, Ang Dating Daan’s lives on.)