Photolog Folly

When I first started my photolog in July of 2002, I had a Ten Years of My Life kind of strategy in mind, limiting myself to just one photo a day. I’m not sure why, but I got it into my head to simply use a modified Movabletype template date tag to call the images, so all I would really have to do was post a caption and upload an image with the filename format “YYYYMMDD.jpg” or something, and that’s what would come out, without needing to type out a filename.

Bad move.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my archives, and now, rebuilding the old photolog entries one by one, I have a directory full of cryptically numbered images staring at me in the face, none of the filenames telling me anything about their content. I’m renaming them as I upload them, but this is going to be a long, slow process, during which I face a difficult abstinence from taking any more artsy photos to keep the photolog backlog to a minimum.

Use descriptive filenames, my child, or else take better care of your archives than I did. Your photolog will thank you for it.


  1. Sassy says:

    Aray! What a headache… good luck in the reconstruction.

  2. timsamoff says:

    I’ve been doing one year of my life anyway… Funny coincidence that I e-mailed Matthew at “Ten Years of My Life” just today! Crazy. Anyway, I like your photos. I’d love to the the ones you are working on when you’re finished.

    I’ve often wondered if there was a way to encode information about a photo within the photo itself (like an mp3). Then, posting the photo — no matter what name it had — would automagically display the info as well.

    Mine is at

  3. Sparticus says:

    My (temporarily offline, like so often with photologs) goes by date, because I can’t be bothered to rename them all, but because I create a new category for each section, all my photos end up stored in something like /photos/the_day_we_caught_the_train_03_04/000001.jpg.

    Just got to to remember to keep the directory structure in place.