Eight and Nine and Ten: Coffee Kottke Rock Garden

Random skins eight, nine, and ten are back up, still keeping with the trend of expanding on the themes of older layouts.


Number Eight used to have coffee beans in the upper left; now it uses a close-up photo of my coffee pot. I guess you could make an analogy to growth and development in progress to completion, going from beans to the coffee maker to the pot, but I just thought the photo was cool.


Number Nine has always been done with Kottke in mind, even in past random skin series. Love him or micro-hate-ronize him, he was keeping a weblog before a lot of us were, so my incipient site was structured after his. Redoing an old but fun layout in CSS is a homage to old days being made new again.


Number Ten used a photo of the Ateneo Grade School Rock Garden. I opted for a different photo in rethinking the layout, but kept things simple. It was when I first made Skin#10 that I was introduced to the revolutionary new concept of using CSS rather than tables for layout. Immediately afterward I went back to the nine prior designs and redid them in CSS.