April Fools 2004 Roundup

March for Web Standards has moved. Please adjust your links accordingly.

Update, 10am 2 Apr 2004: What? It’s Friday? I thought it was Saturday. <grumble> #

Update, 1am 2 Apr 2004: Well, that was fun. Hits from Boingboing, Mathowie, WaSP, and a bunch of other places, with my bandwidth intact. Anyway, I’m stuck in Baltimore right now, having missed the last train back to DC, and starting tomorrow I’m going to enjoy a nice, long, relaxing weekend with Amy at the Cherry Blossom Festival. More words soon on standards, markup, color palettes, image compression, and designing for traffic. Have a good Palm Sunday weekend and remember to set your clocks ahead. #

Happy April 1st. In addition to M4WeSt, there’s more craziness going on elsewhere on the web: