Blogger Pruning

As you may surmise from Backup Brownpau and my Blogger profile, I’ve recently done a big Blogger cleanup, pruning out dormant weblogs and repurposing the single active one into a downtime fallback. Whereas my Blogspot space has served several roles in the past, I found over time that each of those roles was best filled by this site itself: mobile weblog and self-sightings, for example.

I’ve also found Blogger insufficient for the needs of White House Fence Jumpers, and am retooling that site on its own domain with its own database.

I’m not giving up on Blogger, though. It’s still the best externally hosted weblog solution there is, and is still great for immediate and usable out-of-the-box functionality. I will be using it for the “news” sections of other sites coming up — with a very stripped-down template and no comments.

Updates on all that soon.