Mentioned on Thumbtack Press

Thumbtack Press liked my San Francisco photos, especially since I release them under a CC license. I’m happy to oblige.

(The weird part is that I found this link, not from my regular scans of Technorati or Google Blog Search, but via a completely random stumble upon KBCafe, which at first glance I thought was a spammy bot-copied content republisher, based on the ad clutter. It took a closer look for me to decide it was legit — and hey, they picked up a link my regular inbound-link haunts didn’t. Update: Never mind; KBCafe is just republishing search results from IceRocket and splattering contextual and affiliate ads all over that.)


  1. wyclif says:

    I feel your disappointment. Recently a similar thing happened to me with my Flickr photos, also CC licensed. I saw them somewhere on a splog.

  2. Paulo says:

    I must point out that I’m perfectly fine with the CC-licensed photos being shown on Thumbtack Press; it’s the republished-and-ad-riddled content on KBCafe which gives me pause.