Comment Bugs and Coming Upgrades

I’ve been informed by a few people that posting a comment to my site is nearly impossible nowadays, usually resulting in Movable Type timing out, throwing an Error 500, and dumping core. I can’t trace the problem, but I hope it’s something that gets fixed when I can finally move the site to a more reliable web host and upgrade to Movable Type 4.

That move probably won’t happen for a bit longer, as I’m bogged down in all sorts of extra-curricular coding work, and when it happens I’ll be taking the opportunity to pull a massive reboot of site design and code, so I’m taking it slow and careful. For now, if commenting fails, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can’t add your comment myself.

Other stuff on my to-do list for this site:

  • Upgrade to Open Source Movable Type (when MTOS 4.2 comes out).
  • Forward current feed URLs to Feedburner.
  • Make ads less annoying, or possibly remove them altogether.
  • Use Action Streams or some similar aggregation plugin to better consolidate mobile, linklog, and other external content into the main weblog, with less reliance on javascript badges and local API.
  • Dynamic blogroll based on scheduled Google Reader OPML fetch.
  • Code and design reboot.

All in good time.