Mobile Posting Annoyances

As part of my plan to integrate mobile content into the main weblog stream, I’ve been wanting to start posting to HNBP by sending MMS messages from my phone to Flickr’s email-to-blog feature. There are a few problems with the process, however, as one may have seen while I was posting Test.jpg multiple times through the course of the evening:

  • My Nokia 6600 sends MMS with the image filnename as the default message subject — eight character limit and “.jpg” extension and all. This cannot be changed on the N6600. This means that mobile photo post titles will usually be awkward filenames.
  • Flickr has no option to set Movable Type categories. is able to do this via the “cat_id” field, and it should be a relatively simple API function, but Flickr has not implemented it.
  • Flickr’s blog post layout template tags include photo size options, but they do not work. Instead, you need to go to your upload by email-to-blog settings and change the photo size there, and the change cascades down to your template layout, regardless of what photo size tag you are using. This was very confusing, and is a pretty serious bug.

So for now, I can post to here from my phone; I’ll just need to log in and add the “mobile” category later on, which kind of defeats the purpose of posting from my phone to begin with, but it’ll have to do till Flickr finally gets on fixing their various email-to-blog issues.

That’ll just leave the Twitter feed to add to the weblog. Sadly, the Feeds.App Lite plugin which comes bundled with MT 3.3 only does links and titles, not dates, so I can’t use it to chronologically blend my Twitter posts into the content stream. I’ll probably take a cue from Sparticus’ advice and use a third party feed parser like SimplePie to grab the content on a schedule and show it here. But now I have rambled on enough.