Changelog 7 July 2002

Rummaging through some old pictures, I found several photos of the Ateneo de Manila campus which I had shot for The GUIDON graduation issue in 1998. Those have been combined with a few other old Ateneo pictures in the nostalgic Ateneo album.

A DC photography skating spree, this time with my Pencam, has yielded more photos for the Washington album. The statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome is now free of its scaffolding.

A couple of folks have emailed me to say that parts of my blog are almost unreadable because of small font sizes and/or non-contrasting text colors against dark backgrounds. In the interests of readability and accessibility, I’ve gone over each blog style sheet to tweak colors, increase contrast, and replace the tyrannical font-size: 11px declaration with a fuzzier, friendlier, font-size: 70%, which, rather than forcing text size to 11 pixels no matter what, will instead be rendered somewhat larger for IE-users who prefer to browse with the text-size cranked up. Hopefully 70% of the default text-size should be enough for you large-print types.

New links:

To Whom It May Concern,

A Cup of Rich (another Rich!),


Painted Cloud,

and probably a bunch of other people who’ve gotten lost in the bustle, but are linked in the menu.

Grayed-out links in the navigation menu are in progress. I’m reworking some folders for the archive, so those may be intermittently inaccessible for a few days. Also upgrading to Movabletype 2.2 sometime this week.


  1. Valerie says:

    =^O Percentages on font sizes? Kewl! I didn’t know that was possible. Does it work with older browsers?

    And thanks for the mention! :^)

  2. chase says:

    On behalf of Jeff and Justin I would like to thank you for linking To Whom…We’ll try to live up to the linkage.