Site Changes

Notice anything different? I’ve moved the site over to Axishost, upgraded to Movable Type Open Source (the latest version, 4.21, up from 3.36), and redesigned stuff.

Inside pages, which were already pretty minimal to begin with, are now even more simplified, with extraneous lines removed and titles devolved into breadcrumb blocks. I’ve also adjusted my use of type with a mind towards mobile users, using a container block width and larger font size which should make reading easier on devices like Nokia tablets and iPhones, without needing pinchy zooming or horizontal scrolling.

Randomizing layouts are off for the moment and the weblog runs on the same template as inside pages while I think about how best to redo the main index with action streams. Meanwhile, a Friendfeed embed will suffice. I’m also going back to a single-column sidebar for simplicity’s sake.

This will all take me a while to get back down to. When you work in code full time, sometimes the last thing you want to come home to is more code.