Index 44 CSS

Since IE5/Win gets the CSS box model wrong, Index44 proved troublesome in the area of aligning the padded menu DIV below the title graphic. IE5/Win pads inside the DIV, while Opera5/Win (and, I assume, other compliant browsers) pad outside the box, hence making it impossible to align properly across several browsers.

For situations like this I usually use an “inline padding” workaround, leaving the main “.menu” class unpadded, then adding a padding declaration inside the DIV itself. Failing that, a forced “width” declaration inline usually helps. Neither worked in this case, however, so I had to fall back on a more traditional solution: a background graphic.

Pity. I was hoping CSS-based design would help eliminate the need for a background graphic in this case. Truth to tell, it would have, if only the browser majority would start displaying code according to standards. A few more years to wait yet, I suppose.