More Changes

As promised, randomizing layouts are back. Each time you refresh the front page, a random stylesheet is fetched from the CSS folder. I’ve only done five as of this writing, so we’re a long way from the fifty-two I once reached, but with the exception of #1, these are brand-new layouts from scratch, each one maintaining a thin conceptual connection back to its predecessor of the same number. Skin #2, for example, still bears the image of the nameless stray kitten I once harbored for a night, and skin #4 is still a black layout, but without my puckered visage. (I’m still ruminating on how to do #6, which used to look like this, using a photo of the view from my old apartment in Parañaque. Obviously I can’t make my content divs that thin anymore.)

Nielsen’s Alertbox on Weblog Usability recommends an author bio and photo, so I’ve added a brief profile and icon to the sidebar.

If you’ve been watching the photostream, you’ll have noticed several old photos appearing, as I upload them from my backups, reorganize them into sets, and relink them from the photolog. It’s a long, time-consuming process, especially since I’m utterly obsessive about properly dating and captioning each and every photo as I go along.

This may have passed unnoticed, but there are now category archives. Right up until the server crash, categories had been imperfectly implemented; Movable Type default templates simply gave me the boost I needed to finally get them done. Some entries are still improperly categorized, but I hope a good tagging plugin will make things easier.

The bookmarks page now shows a list of all linked weblogs, in random order. Can you tell I like randomizing things?

The FAQ remains empty, but is open to your questions.