No Mo’Blogging

Since the AIM Bloggerbot no longer seems to be a viable mobile solution, I’ve had to take the mobile blog down indefinitely till other mobile blogging resources present themselves. David Davies’ Mobile Blogging How-To Guide relies on the ability to send SMTP email to an email-receiving blog app, but I’m not sure how compatible such a scheme would be with SMS on T-Mobile.

An Audblog, maybe? Nah. Naaah.


  1. David Davies says:

    SMS on T-mobile? That’s how I did all my moblogging for the first 2 years, Nokia 7110, T-mobile, SMS > email. It’s a piece of cake. Their SMS > email gateway access number is 191. Format the message as per my how-to. Get in touch if you want a more specific how-to.

  2. sparticus says:

    I use wap blogger, which is very good if you have gprs, and if you ask nicely you can get the code and install it on your own server which allows you to cut down lots of the code.

    the addie for it is