how now @brownpau

Update, April 2: Okay, those of you who hate stupid April Fools Day web pranks can come out now; the Skittles Twitter Search plus MormonJesusRoll gimmick is over. I’ll do an actual redesign sometime soon; CSS Naked Day 2009 is right around the corner, after all.

You may have noticed that How Now Brownpau has been languishing of late — I rarely post, the design is stagnant, and I have yet to turn comments back on. I’m reluctant to move forward till I have improved my site as it currently stands (a classic case of the perfect as enemy of the good) but all my internet time is taken up these days by “microblogging.”

Obviously it’s time for a change — one which folds my site into the Twittersphere, where most of my web presence now resides, and where conversation can continue. So say hello to my new website, how now @brownpau.

By pointing to a Twitter search for my username, both my posts and my friends’ replies and mentions join the stream, filling the role of comments and providing an ever-present rainbow of conversation. The nav box at upper right provides links to the old, deprecated sections of the site, plus a recent Flickr photo.

I hope you enjoy the new HNBP, a bold new step out of the Blogging Age. If you have any feedback, well, just leave me an @reply on Twitter.

(If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you’ll need to visit how now @brownpau to get the full effect.)