Whew! All files uploaded, but there’s still lots of tweaking left to do. I need to figure out those makeshift inline comments, debug problem blog-indexes, and see if I can use MT to update the blog menu and other sections of this page (so I’m not FTP’ing all the time.)

Are there any naughty blog layouts? Please inform me ASAP. I know the centered fixed-width layouts have been breaking in certain versions of IE/Win: is that sill happening?


  1. .jesper says:

    Allow me to congratulate me on the successful move. :)

  2. Mike says:

    Hmm… you did most of this yesterday (Thursday), refrained from posting all day today/yesterday (Friday), and finally post that the jump to MT is complete early Saturday morning…

    Either I didn’t visit the site yesterday or something’s not right. :)

    I assume the blog menu is a separate file that’s brought in via SSI. Or can you put it in a template like Greymatter will let you do?

  3. Paulo says:

    Mike – It’s a separate .TXT file that I just bring in with an SSI include. What I do is, I open a new “blog” in MT, but it’s really just one entry: the menu content. Then, that blog saves to blog_menu.txt (you can view it!), which gets included in all the random layouts.

    Actually, I had finished installing the script weeks before, and I was sending initial entries to a hidden test index. It’s pretty much done now, except for the “inline” comments experiment, and whatever little details pop up along the way. I’m enjoying this. :)