Sidebar LifeStream Change

Until recently I was using a Friendfeed embedded badge for my Lifestream (a peripheral sidebar content freshener) but from March 8th onwards my Friendfeed stream simply stopped updating from any services or feeds. I don’t understand it, as other Friendfeed accounts still seem to be updating, but considering how support and innovation on the site have pretty much ceased since the Facebook acquisition, this seems a good time to switch Lifestream embed sources.

So I’ve replaced Friendfeed with Twitter and Flickr badges. The main loss is that my Tumblr, YouTube, and other feeds won’t show up anymore, but if the content is important enough I can either tweet a link, or post it to this weblog. (I refuse to auto-tweet from outside services.)

Really, over time I’d like to get rid of third-party sidebar badges and just make this weblog into a more tumbl-y stream of links and content; more “fireball” if you will. That’s how it used to be.