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iPad mini 2

Two years after I got my wifi iPad mini in Norfolk, I’ve occasionally been running up against the limitations of its older hardware and lack of cellular data. Essentially the iPad mini is a smaller iPad 2, with the same A5 processor and only incremental upgrades from the iPad 2’s system. While that’s continued to […]

Batteries and Geniuses

It’s a bit outdated as of iOS 8, but here’s an actual Apple Store Genius’s guide to improving battery life on your iPhone or iPad. Most useful tip has been to turn off Location Services and Background App Refresh for the Facebook app, which not only slowed battery drain but actually caused the battery percentage […]

On the Passing of Computer Luminaries

Steve Jobs died on October 5th, shortly after the iPhone 4S was announced. Jobs’ reserved seat sat empty at the event, and as new Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the keynote he almost certainly knew the time was near. I half-expected that he would demo the new iPhone’s FaceTime app with a call to to […]

Eulogy for an iPad

I lost my iPad last month: stuck it in the seat pocket on the plane coming back from NASA Tweetup and forgot it there, only realizing the loss well after we had disembarked. It’s gone now.


My gateway to iOS was a second-generation iPod Touch gifted to me by Mom for Christmas in 2009. For a while that served as my music player and secondary mobile device alongside the Nokia 5800 and later the HTC Magic, but more and more I found myself just wifi-tethering the iPod Touch to the phones […]

Free Hyde from Isis

You may remember my entry about MacBook soft folding cases last month, in which I posted a video review of my new Isis Roach cover. Shortly afterward I got an email from Taylor Shupe of Isis, saying, I came across your video critique today and was super stoked that you took the time to do […]

OS X Apps

OK, I think this should be my last post on Macs for a while. Here are the “must-have” applications I’ve downloaded for OS X on my MacBook so far: Of course the requisite browsers, Firefox and Opera. Adium for multi-protocol instant messaging, plus Skype, which I use only rarely Textwrangler for code and text editing. […]

MacBook Soft Folding Cases

The market for MacBook cases seems a lot more focused on sleeves which require you to slide out your MacBook to use it. (Theory: Bigger market for people who want to show off their MacBooks but keep them protected when not in use?) I had a tougher time finding decent folding cases which wrap around […]

Photo Booth

And now, I present to you my first two Photo Booth snapshots: At right, the “Squeeze” effect is used to greatly exaggerate my hair and chin. At left, what looks like a simple disheveled self-portrait is actually a successful application of Photo Booth’s “Tired Guy in Bathrobe with Messy Shower-Hair” effect. I don’t look like […]

New MacBook: “Hidalgo”

Yup, I got a new MacBook. First off, a semi-postmortem on my faithful old G3/700 iBook, “Vizzini,” which dropped from a loosely zipped backpack onto a hardwood floor on 29 Dec 2007 while we were at Tali Beach. It has actually continued to work since then, but with an irretrievably broken CD drive, a screen […]