OS X 10.2.8, take 2

OS X 10.2.8, take two. Two weeks after pulling a bad upgrade, Apple has released a properly working (?) package. I’m still not downloading it, partly out of wariness, and partly because I’m on dialup all weekend. For now, I’ll watch Slashdot and MacSlash for feedback. Let the “early-adopter” test subjects go first. ;-)

In other news, Verisign’s Sitefinder is going down, and pure evil is defeated — for now.


  1. Raffy says:

    I downloaded it on my office eMac, and so far I haven’t noticed anything different. I’ll keep you posted if my Mac gets nuked.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    I’m waiting too..partly cause all i have is dialup…but also…to see what happens.