Wyclif wonders why I had nothing to say about Apple’s latest Macworld keynote. It was a non-event for me because nothing was presented that was of value to my life. New iPod? My life doesn’t need a soundtrack running through it all day, especially not at >$249. Anyway, should the mood strike, my handheld already plays MP3s, with a 32MB SD expansion card serving up just enough music for the train ride to work. New Mac Office? I never touch the stuff; OpenOffice and Appleworks have met my needs well enough. New music app? I’m no musician anyway, and what little audio work I do is done in ProTools Free.

I haven’t even upgraded to OS X Panther yet, and I feel little need to do so until this boatload of projects is off the to-do list and my finances improve. For now I’m chugging along with what I have, simplifying as I go, and struggling not to love things of the world.

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