Free Hyde from Isis

You may remember my entry about MacBook soft folding cases last month, in which I posted a video review of my new Isis Roach cover. Shortly afterward I got an email from Taylor Shupe of Isis, saying, I came across your video critique today and was super stoked that you took the time to do that. In fact, I would like to send you a free Hyde case and keyboard jimmy for your personal use.

How awesome is that? The Hyde case arrived last week. Unlike the Roach it’s actually got straps on the inside top, along with improved heat dissipation, and the faux leather gives it a definite touch of class. I had it on my MacBook for two days before I decided to go back to the hemp Roach; the leather texture and “green giraffe” inside were not my thing — but Amy liked it. So her MacBook is now Hyde-encased. I did keep the keyboard jimmy, which makes my keyboard soft and silent while keeping stuff — like cat hair — from getting into the tiny gaps, without slowing down my typing speed.

Here are some detail photos of the case:

Isis Hyde Isis Hyde Isis Hyde Isis Hyde Isis Hyde Isis Hyde

Thanks, Taylor! Those of you who want in an Isis Cover for your Mac, go here.