iBook: Nemesis

As of last Thursday, my iBook is back in the shop for ten more days due to a bad video cable. Yes, I’m very annoyed. For now, I’ve revived my old Dell PII-300 notebook, which I’m very glad I had not sold yet. Until I get the iBook back, further development on this site and other projects will have to halt. But at least I have more time to read.


  1. lupuS says:

    Would that Dell happen to be a Latitude CPiA? Why don’t you bring it with you next time you come to Manila, and I’ll buy it off you?

  2. Paulo says:

    lupuS – It is indeed a Latitude CPiA PII-300 with 64MB RAM and a 5GB HDD. I may not be coming back to Manila for a while, but hey, email me and maybe we can figure out a good shipping arrangement.

  3. Rod says:


  4. Tim says:

    Rod, before you smirk (oops, too late!) let me relate a Widows, er Windows nightmare I’ve just awoken from.

    My daughter has a PC running WinXP. I haven’t been on it in a couple of months. When I tried it the other day (my son had kidnapped my iBook) I found that the keyboard didn’t work. Control Panel>System>Device Manager said it was working fine. Monkied around for a while and couldn’t get it working.

    Today I stopped at the computer store and picked up another keyboard. Plugged it in and still not working. Thought it might be a conflict so I went back to Control Panel>System>Device Manager and disabled what I thought was a program to help with the mouse. It WAS the mouse. Okay, now I have now way of inputting data to the thing at all.

    Booted to safe mode and turned the mouse back on SINCE THE KEYBOARD WORKED IN SAFE MODE ONLY! Tried a bunch of diffrent things to get the keyboard working in other modes. No luck.

    So then I notice a funny looking icon in the Task Bar. Double click it and it brings up a control panel. One of the kids had turned on the feature that protects against repeated key entry. Yup, Widows, er Windows was protecting me from the keyboard. Not just repeated key entries, but ANY key entries.

    I never have these problems with OS X. I still hate Windows!

    And I am currently using the Windows machine because my son once again kidnapped my iBook.

  5. Paulo says:

    Rod, stop pushing the Mac-Zealot crowd’s shiny gumdrop buttons!

  6. Rod says:

    My own Windows machine just died a very hard death and I can still laugh at you. You are ALL so very earnest and serious. Well, there is no true believer like a convert.

  7. Tim says:

    Rod, shall we have a moment of silence for your machine?


    BTW, did I mention that I got my daughter’s machine working again? :) When I tried to return the keyboard it turns out they don’t do returns. I felt like snapping it in half and leaveing it on their desk top. Glad I resisted.